Media coverage

National radio

CBC’s Quirks & Quarks, Oct. 01, 2016
“Trees survive the cold weather” listen

CBC’s The Early Edition, Sep 02, 2015
“UBC studies tree DNA to build more resilient forests” listen

CBC’s The Current, Oct. 19, 2012
“The ethical implications of assisted migration”

CBC’s Quirks & Quarks Special, Dec. 24, 2011
“2050 – What if we get it right?”

National television

CBC’s The Nature of Things – Dreams of the Future, October 23, 2014

National print/on-line newspapers

Business Vancouver, Mar. 21, 2017
Gene researchers seek to shield B.C. fish, forests”  read more

Vancovuer Sun, Feb. 26, 2017
Designer forests: Scientists hope to tune up Canada’s trees to thrive …”  read more

The Walrus Magazine, Nov. 15, 2015
“Run, Forest, Run – Helping trees flee climate change” read more

Scientific American, article by Hillary Rosner, Aug. 2015
“Forests on the march” read more

BC Business Magazine, July 9 2015
“Can BC’s forests cope with climate change?” read more

The Canadian Press, June 2015
UBC Scientists Help Trees Adapt to New Conditions of a Changing Climate” read on GlobalNews

Canadian Geographic – Compass Blog, Feb. 7, 2014
“Genetics affecting trees” read more

The Ottawa Citizen, January 29, 2014
“New genes for old forests as climate warms”   read more

The Vancouver Sun, March 28, 2012
“Cutting edge technology fosters new knowledge about our forests”  view in PDF, see page 4

The Vancouver Sun, October 12, 2012
“Climate shifts may strand weather-dependent ecosystems” read more

The Vancouver Sun, July 12, 2012
“Genome study aids race against climate change” read more

Local publications

Branchlines, Faculty of Forestry, UBC, March 2013
“The AdapTree Project: Do our forests look good in these genes?” view in PDF, see page 10

Branchlines, Faculty of Forestry, UBC, March 2013
“Perceptions of climate-change adaptation”  view in PDF, see page 12

UBC news. Forestry: the new high-tech frontier, June 6, 2012
“Genes may hold the secret to forest survival”  read more


Videos, lectures and webinars

Research2Reality, Feb. 9 2015
Trees: A Part of our Heritage….. deciding what to plant, and where, isn’t as simple as it once was.”

Conservation Biology Institute, Mar 14, 2014
“Will our forests look good in these genes?”
Abstract  Webinar video

Bacon and Eggheads Seminar Series for parliamentarians (Members of Parliament, Members of Senate, and senior staff), Jan 30, 2014
“Will our forests look good in these genes?”

AdapTree Video, Dec 14, 2012
Abstract  YouTube video

Forest Industry Lecture Series, Nov 1, 2012
“Can genetics help climate-proof our forests?”
YouTube video

Russell Hudson Lectureship, University of Idaho College of Natural Resources, April 24, 2012
“The Ents are marching: Assisted migration and adaptation of trees to a warming world”


IUFRO Scientific Achievement Award, 2014 – Rob Kozak  learn moreIUFRO Scientific Achievement Award, 2014 – Sally Aitken  learn more

CSIRO Sir Frederick McMasters Fellowship, 2013 – Andreas Hamann  learn more

American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Elected Fellow, 2013 – Michael Whitlock  learn more

Fulbright NEXUS Scholar, 2012 – Andreas Hamann  learn more

American Association for the Advancement of Science, Elected Fellow, 2011 – Michael Whitlock

Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship, 2011 – Andreas Hamann  learn more

Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies, Distinguished Scholar in Residence, 2014-15 – Sally Aitken  learn more

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