Activities and Personnel

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Activity 1 – Climate adaptation

  • Candidate genes in Douglas-fir, western larch and jack pine
  • Comparative analysis of convergent adaptation
  • Comparative transcriptomics of Douglas-fir
Team members

Activity Leader: Sally Aitken 
Co-investigators:  Sam Yeaman, Ingo Ensminger, Mike Whitlock, Loren Rieseberg
Collaborators: Nathalie Isabel
Research Associates, Postdoctoral fellows and graduate students:  MengMeng Lu,  Vera Marjorie Velasco,  Rafael Candido-Ribeiro, Beth RoskillyBrandon Lind, Tom Booker, Pooja Singh, Devin Noordermeer
Personnel: Dragana Obreht Vidaković, Christine Chourmouzis, Joanne Tuytel

Activity 2 – Disease resistance

  • Dothistroma Needle Blight
  • Swiss needle cast
Team members

Activity Leader: Sam Yeaman 
Co-investigators:  Nick Ukrainetz, Jürgen Ehlting, Richard Hamelin
Research Associates, Postdoctoral fellows and graduate students:  Nicholas Feau, David MontwéPooja Singh

Activity 3 – Pathogenicity zones

  • Genomic variability in tree pathogens
  • Pathogenicity zones
  • Climate models of outbreak risks
Team members

Activity Leader: Richard Hamelin
Co-investigators: Andreas Hamann, Mike Whitlock, Sam Yeaman
Collaborators: Kishan Sambaraju
Research Associates, Postdoctoral fellows and graduate students: Nicholas Feau, Renate Heinzelmann, Joey Tanney, Barbara Wong, Naomie Herpin-Saunier 

Activity 4 – Tools and strategies (Validation and translation)

  • Assisted Gene Flow and Assisted Species Migration recommendations
  • Genomics tools for breeding resilient genotypes
Team members

Activity Leader:  Sally Aitken
Co-investigators: Andreas HamannRichard Hamelin, Nicholas Ukrainetz, Michael Stoehr
Research Associates, Postdoctoral fellows and graduate students: Zihaohan Sang

Activity 5 – Societal dimensions of climate adaptation for forest management (GE3LS)

  • Develop socio-economic scenarios for different adaptation interventions
  • Identify perceptions of risks and levels of support for different interventions across different stakeholder groups
  • Identify historic and current policy barriers and opportunities
  • Trial the acceptability and capacity to implement different interventions with decision makers and end-users
Team members

Activity Co-leads: Shannon Hagerman, Rob Kozak
Postdoctoral fellows and graduate students: Guillaume Peterson St-LaurentRicardo Pelai, Kieran Findlater, Ngaio Hotte